How to soften Mental Noises

How to soften Mental Noises

Reducing mental interference to generate greater well-being

The human brain is like a very refined and complex machine, it resembles a command center. The thoughtIt is such a usual process that some specialists claim that we have about 70,000 thoughts a day, then then, the restlessness of the mind is usually something very normal. Thanks to this, we human beings carry out a large part of our activities in “autopilot”.

Thinking also helps us to solve problems, to compare, analyze and even to plan, among many other things. Nevertheless, the mind tends to wander and he likes to take part of his attention on issues that end up taking time and energy, instead of focusing on the fulfillment of your dreams and your goals.

The mental noise It is a kind of internal and constant dialogue that occurs in the mind almost all the time. Generally, we are not aware of this, and on other occasions it can be more worrying, as it becomes so habitual that it can even distract our attention from activities that require it on a day-to-day basis such as at work and in studies.

It is important to differentiate mental noises and tinnitus, the latter, have to do with the auditory sensation that is not caused by an outside sound and as a consequence ear injuries occur. Being constantly exposed to this uncomfortable feeling, you can seriously alter the sleep cycles, concentration and habitual life to the point of causing depression and other conditions. A promising treatment includes the medical part (otolaryngologist), and the psychological part, because in the latter, we can be helped to learn techniques to modify behavior at will, even at times when we experience anxiety and stress inevitably.

However, mental noises are more similar to a record player that repeats the same melody over and over again, forcing us to listen to it incessantlySometimes they are positive thoughts or memories. It is good that you ask yourself the following question: Do these thoughts generate mostly harmony and joy, or are they contributing to my feelings of bitterness, frustration and anger? When thoughts are usually negative, these emotions intensify, increasing our stress levels.

Most of the time we are not aware of this mental noise, because it is a daily and almost inseparable part of our life. However, when we have to focus our mind on a certain activity such as work, study, reading, problem solving ... It is at that moment when we realize that these mental noises really sometimes they act as interference within our mind, taking away energy and attentionWell, they distract us from our main objectives.

What can we do to soften mental noises?

“We can learn to direct our mind, instead of allowing it to lead us towards automation. The ability to voluntarily recover vague attention, again and again, constitutes the very root of judgment, character and will. No one owns himself if there is no owner. An education that improves this capacity would be an education for excellence. ” William James

You do not have to devote hours to these types of practices, unless you wish. Remember that every great tour begins with a first step. I suggest you start practice the full attention accompanied by long and deep breaths for only 1 minute a day. You can do it when you are doing some interesting or fun activity for you, when you admire a beautiful and inspiring landscape, when you bathe or when you prefer.

If you want to take the 33-day challenge, you can add 1 minute to your daily practice, up to arrive at a time that is comfortable for you, without it becoming strenuous. With a few minutes a day of practicing this technique or another you choose, but with determination and constancy, you can have many benefits for your health.

The calm and calm mind allows us to reach more effective and convenient solutions, since we can concentrate more on our real resources and visualize the options to do what we want, instead of just seeing or hearing thoughts that generate constant concern. When we are not focused on the present, there is a mental noise that causes us to be like ruminants, chewing on, sometimes painful parts of our own history.

To reduce the duration and acuity of mental noise, I leave you some simple tips that can even help you improve some cognitive processes such as memory, thinking and attention itself, among others:

The meditation It is a process through which the mind is purified, refined and reaches its full potential. Once you achieve this, every kind of success in life is possible. Without this training, it is more possible for you to achieve your own fatality and for repeating old patterns of behavior. Yogi Bhajan

Although our meditation is short, it can be powerful, beautiful, comforting and harmonious as a sweet melody, instead of an annoying noise. You can practice mindfulness in your moments of joy and joy, such as when you do an activity that you really enjoy, such as having that aromatic cup of coffee or when you realize how beautiful the sunset looks just in front of you, Like a wonderful show. Remember that thoughts and emotions go hand in hand.

We can find inner peace trying to quiet our mind through the practice of silence, relying on any of the techniques referred to above or any of your preference. This will save you a lot of mental energy and time, instead of contributing to chronic stress and its harmful effects on our health. In this way, you can focus your attention more on the aspects that are important, this will not make you a passive person, but more assertiveWell, when the mind is still and calm: anxiety, fears, nervousness, impatience and many worries fade, at least for some time and we have stillness in our mind and greater clarity.

To encourage you to start practicing these techniques and thus receive the benefits in your health, I leave these articles that can help you:


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