Escitalopram, a drug to treat depression

Escitalopram, a drug to treat depression

The escitalopram It is a substance that is used in numerous chemical compounds that are used to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

This situation occurs especially in people who have excessive worry and who fail to release or manage the daily tensions. If this extends over time over a long period, generally longer than six months, it is common for the doctor to prescribe this product.


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How escitalopram works

The functioning of this antidepressant medication is as follows: first, it acts increasing the concentration of serotonin, a substance that the brain generates to maintain a mental balance and that is essential to avoid depression problems.

We explain it to you in another way. Escitalopram is what is usually known in medicine as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which causes its reabsorption to be limited by postsynaptic receptors.

What is escitalopram used for?

Escitalopram is used primarily to treat problems related to depression. This medicine It has proven to be very effective in people with depressive disorders, since it is one of the drugs that best manages to treat this disease more and more frequent in our current society.

Within the problems of depression, it is also used for the treatment of related disorders, such as anxiety and all kinds of evils triggered by problems that come from depression.

One of the most common uses, and at the same time an increasingly common disorder in society is generalized anxiety disorder. This occurs in people who suffer from excessive worry, even overreacting, without anything really causing it more than their own mind.

In these cases, medications such as escitalopram have shown enormous effectiveness, since they manage to inhibit this type of reactions in the patient. In this way, he manages to lead a more normal life and can face everyday situations without this problem preventing him.

Panic disorder is another of the most uncontrollable reactions on the part of the person who suffers them. In this type of frames it is also very common to take this compound, since the anguish crisis will be reduced quickly and noticeably and its physical effects, such as tachycardia and difficulty even breathing.

Therefore, it is really important to treat this type of evils, since they can significantly limit the lives of people who suffer from it. Therefore, the use of these medications can be very useful to maintain control over fears, anxieties, emotions and concerns.

Escitalopram risks

Like all medications that affect one way or another in our behavior, escitalopram carries a risk of dependence on the part of the patient. For this reason, it is essential to always consume it under medical prescription.

Likewise, it will be necessary to have a follow-up to avoid that we fall into addiction to these pills and that we develop dependence on them, so that we need to take them continuously.

And is that antidepressants, which include this, are drugs that must be consumed with great moderation and, of course, always with medical supervision and not prolong treatment for a long time.

The fact that its consumption does not generate a high tolerance, allows them to be taken for longer. However, the dependence they generate can cause problems at the moment when their consumption is withdrawn. For this reason, it should be done gradually, as it can produce effects on the patient.

Also, as is often the case with all types of medications, escitalopram has some side effects to pay attention to. Among the most frequent are the headache, nausea or insomnia problems. In the sexual field, they can also cause some difficulties, such as problems of dysfunction or ejaculation.

However, in more severe cases seizures may occur, although this is much less frequent. In case of detecting any of these symptoms, it is advisable to inform our doctor and not continue taking them, since we can not bear their consumption well and be damaging our body.