Eye relaxation exercises

Eye relaxation exercises

The view is undoubtedly very important in our life, so today we are going to see some eye relaxation exercises. Fatigue is also present in our eyes so let's see these simple recommended exercises.

Eye relaxation techniques

Blink technique

Said exercise it consists of opening and closing our eyes, as we normally do but at a faster speed. We take into account that the eyelids serve as protectors and that is why they are quite important as not, in our eyes we will also see worse or better depending on their operation.

Normally a blink in normal conditions is estimated in every 5 seconds, but if there is fatigue, etc., this frequency decreases, therefore by increasing the speed and repetition we will get them to be stimulated. There is no set number of blinks for this technique.

Webbed technique

Here we will put the palms of our hands over the eyes, which must remain closed. That will be done without executing any pressure on the eyes, since we are talking about obviously relaxing. We have to get the maximum possible darkness when performing this exercise to make it correct. When we open our eyes we will see perhaps some grayish stripes, however these will gradually disappear, therefore calm and practice.

Acupressure Technique

To perform this technique press lightly with your fingers or knuckles in circular movement towards the sides of our nose, above the eyebrow, in the central part as well as below the outer ends of our eyebrows, the temples and the upper part of the cheekbones. With the Acupressure In this case we will be able to loosen the muscles and relax our eyes, this is recommended for example after having read a lot, etc ...

Sun Technique

If the sun is our great friend. We must think that through the sun we obtain global regeneration, and it also gives us a great benefit for our eyes. In this case the eyes are closed and the face is directed towards the sun, yes, moving our head to the right to the left and backwards afterwards. We can open our eyes very slowly spontaneously, but be careful with the sun as is logical. We are talking about a good practice, but not to look directly at the sun, since prolonged exposure could be harmful.

Cold Water Technique

Now we go with the water, also necessary as not to live, and of course not to relax. Therefore it is recommended wash your eyes with cold water, and I better know if it does soaking if we have some cotton on hand, etc ... With this we will get a good toning and most importantly give our eyes a well-deserved rest.

The eyes are the point where soul and body mix.Christian Friedrich Hebbel

David Alvarez