120 phrases of Victor Hugo to reflect

120 phrases of Victor Hugo to reflect

Victor Hugo (1802-1885) was a French poet, novelist and playwright. He is considered one of the greatest French writers who marked the history of French literature of the nineteenth century. He was also a political personality and a committed intellectual.

Victor Hugo contributed greatly to the renewal of poetry and theater. He was admired by his contemporaries and still is by many modern authors. Today we wanted to bring you this interesting compilation of his best famous phrases.

Famous quotes by Victor Hugo

Change your opinion but keep your principles. Change your leaves, but keep your roots.

Who always insults me, never offends me.

The human body is only appearance and hides the true reality. The reality of who we are is the soul.

Putting everything in balance is good, putting everything in harmony is better.

The truth is similar to the sun. He does not show himself but he does see everything.

Come on, dare! Only this is how progress is achieved.

Beauty has only one type, the ugly has about a thousand that are of its type.

In the moment when love is happy, the soul takes the path to sweetness and goodness.

Think of shadows in a serious thought.

There is no army that can stop the strength of an idea when it arrives on time.

Love opens a parenthesis that marriage closes.

By punishing an innocent we give birth to an evil one.

Animals belong to God. Bestiality belongs to man.

The supreme happiness in life is to have the knowledge that you are loved by yourself, or more exactly, loved in spite of yourself.

To impute the revolution to the human race is to impute the tide to the waves.

Love is a burning oblivion of everything.

Saving civilization is saving the life of a people.

The world is not driven or dragged by machines, but by ideas.

Being good is easy, being fair is difficult.

Suffering is worthy of respect. Submission is negligible.

Melancholy is the happiness of being sad.

Inspiration and genius could be said to be the same thing.

The future is much more of the hearts than of the minds. To love, that is the only thing that can occupy and fill eternity. The infinite needs the inexhaustible.

Where all that is found is a tricky cunning, there is necessarily meanness. When you say cunning you are saying mediocre.

The first justice is conscience.

The day when the woman who passes you by, light comes off when you walk, you are lost, you are in love. You only have one thing left to do, think about it with such fixedness that you have no choice but to think about yourself.

Love has infantilisms; The other passions, little things. Let's be ashamed of the passions that make the little man! Let's honor those who make it a child!

Doing nothing makes children happy and the elderly unfortunate.

The cat was made by God so that man could experience the pleasure of caressing a tiger.

With music it is possible to express that which cannot be pronounced in words but which cannot be silenced either.

The prison makes the inmate.

We would judge a man with much more certainty by what he dreams than by what he thinks.

My friends, keep in mind the following: There are neither bad men nor bad herbs, there are only bad cultivators.

It is a rare thing the lightness with which bad men think that everything will work out for them.

What is the story? An echo of the past in the future.

Arrivals and bourgeois, who after them take the stairs leaving down the town.

Love is similar to the tree, bends by the force of its own weight, is deeply rooted deep within our being, and sometimes, among the ruins of a heart, it continues to green.

Many have enough strength, what they lack is of will.

The hero has a dream: Being big next to everyone, and small next to his father.

There are no countries that are small. The greatness of a nation is not measured by the number of inhabitants. Just as the greatness of a man is not measured by his height.

Architecture is the immense book of all humanity.

There are chasms that are good. They are those in which evil sinks.

All hell is contained in this word: Soledad.

Duty has an immense resemblance to the happiness of others.

A smile is like the sun that dissipates winter on the human face.

Thought is nothing more than a simple breath. But a breath that shakes the world.

Man has his wings in love and his yoke in desire.

He who thinks well speaks well.

Curious thing! The first symptom of true love in a young man is shyness, in a girl is audacity.

When an infant disrupts a toy, it seems as if he is looking for his soul.

Between the government that rules wrongly and the people that allow it, there is a shameful solidarity.

The less size a heart has, the more hate it fits.

Stones come out of volcanoes, men come out of revolutions.

There are people who are bad because of their need to speak. They are like those chimneys that soon consume the logs, do not require much fuel and their fuel are the others.

The memory inhabits the side of remorse.

The eye sees God well only through tears.

To be discussed is to be perceived.

It feels immense sadness to see how nature speaks and mankind does not listen.

There are thoughts that are prayers. No matter what the body deals with, there are times when the soul is on its knees.

Work always sweetens life, but sweets don't like everyone.

The insurrection is the access of furor of the truth. Sometimes insurrection is resurrection.

The soul has illusions in the same way that the little bird has wings. It is they who sustain it.

In the young man's eyes you see the flame burn, in the old man's eyes you see the light shining.

The first equality is equity.

God manifests himself to us firstly through the life of the universe, secondly through human thought. The first manifestation is called nature, the second art.

Popularity? That is the glory in cents.

Nothing better than the dream to engender the future. The utopia of today is flesh and bone tomorrow.

The whole future is in the hands of the school's teachers.

The acceptance of oppression by the one who is oppressed becomes a kind of complicity.

There is nothing like a dream to create a future.

Consciousness is the presence of divinity in man.

Intelligences with low capacity are interested in extraordinary matters. High capacity intelligences deal with simple matters.

Each man must frame life so that at some time in the future the fact and his dreams meet.

Even the darkest night will come to an end and the sun will rise.

What is done to a child is done to God.

I know how the bird that, stopping its flight for a while in too weak branches, feels how they give way under its weight, and yet sings, knowing that it has wings.

There are men whose soul only serves to keep the body away from decay.

Love is a part of the soul and has its very nature. It is a divine spark; as she cannot be corrupted, it is indivisible and imperishable. It is a particle of fire that dwells in us, and is immortal and infinite, that nothing can limit or dampen.

The man who is honest seeks to be useful. The intriguing tries to become necessary.

The faithfulness of many men often has its root in laziness. The fidelity of many women often has its root is the custom.

All power is duty.

It is better for me to be whistled for a good verse, to be applauded for a bad one.

A society that admits misery, a humanity that admits war, seems to me to be an inferior society and a degraded humanity; It is a higher society and a higher humanity to which I am aiming. A society without kings, a humanity without barriers.

The greatest force of all forces is an innocent heart.

Without fruit, we carve the best we can, the mysterious trunk of our life. The black streak of fate appears without failure.

To travel is to be born and die at every step.

The masterpiece is a varied form of miracle.

The mature age of youth is forty. The fifties are the youth of the mature age.

The mountains, the forest and the sea make men wild; they develop the fierce, but they don't destroy the human.

There are beautiful women, but no perfect women.

Son, brother, father, lover, friend. There is space in the heart for all affections, just as there is space in the sky for all stars.

It would be much more accurate to judge a man more by his dreams than by his thoughts.

Without the star of moral truth, the human soul is nothing more than a black night.

You, who suffer because you love, love even more. To die of love is to live of love.

There are many names for the future. Unreachable, it is called for the weak. The unknown, for the fearful. For the brave it is an opportunity.

As short as life is, we still shorten it more by the senseless waste of time.

Success is a very disgusting thing. His false resemblance to merit deceives men.

Never mind die. But not living is intolerable.

Curiosity is one of the forms of female courage.

When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.

What is an envious? It is that ungrateful who hates the light that illuminates and warms him.

The best religion is tolerance.

What is love? I have met in the streets a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, water seeped into his shoes and the stars through his soul.

A mother's arms are made of tenderness.

Nothing as stupid as winning; The true glory is in convincing.

God is the fullness of all heaven. Love is the fullness of every man.

When a woman is talking to you, listen carefully to what she says with her eyes.

When the water does not run a swamp is formed. When the mind does not work it becomes a fool.

A poet is a world imprisoned in a man.

It is from books that wise people draw their comfort in times of difficulty in life.

Virtue is that bright and austere book in which every father should spell his son.

Great hearts keep the secret of their greatness in the word persevere.

There is a sacred horror about everything great. It is easy to admire mediocrity and hills; but whatever is too high, a genius as tall as a mountain, an assembly as well as a masterpiece, seen too close, is frightening.

He never left without a book under his arm and often returned with two.

Love is like a tree: it grows by itself, it is deeply rooted in our being and continues to bloom on a ruined heart. The inexplicable thing is that the softer it is, the more tenacious it is. It is never stronger than when it is completely unreasonable.

A revolution is the larva of a civilization.

Try it as much as you want, you will not be able to annihilate that ancient relic in the human heart called: Love.

Rising from a mistake to the truth is strange and beautiful.

An old man is as in need of affection as of the sun.

God is the invisible evidence.

A house without children is a beehive without bees.

From now on the eyes of men will turn to look at the faces, not of those who have ruled, but of those who have thought. (Panegírico by Víctor Hugo for Honoré de Balzac)