95 phrases by Jean Jacques Rousseau

95 phrases by Jean Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), French philosopher, writer and composer, is known as one of the most influential thinkers of the eighteenth century. He was born on June 28, 1712 in Geneva, Switzerland. His most relevant philosophical work is the book Speech on Arts and Sciences, where he discussed how science and the arts had caused the corruption of virtue and morality. Rousseau was also a composer and music theorist.

Famous quotes from Rousseau

Reason often deceives us, conscience never.

I'd rather be a man of paradoxes than a man of prejudices.

Man is a miracle without interest.

The false is susceptible to an infinite number of combinations; But the truth has only one way to be.

The falsehood has infinite combinations, but the truth has only one way of being.

It is a very necessary forecast to understand that it is not possible to foresee everything.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

The first step towards good is not doing evil.

Gratitude is a duty that should be rewarded, but that no one should expect compensation.

No one can be happy if he does not appreciate himself.

Regrets fall asleep in prosperity and become worse in bad times.

If you take away from your hearts the love of beauty, you will remove all the charm of living.

To make what we say listen, it is necessary to put oneself in the place of those to whom one is addressing.

It is always more valuable to have respect than the admiration of people.

The one who desires only what he is capable of doing and who does what he likes is truly free.

Every man is useful to humanity for the simple fact of existing.

Childhood has its own ways of seeing, thinking and feeling; there is nothing more foolish than pretending to replace them with ours.

You have to be ashamed to make a mistake, not to repair it.

The only custom to teach children is not to submit to any.

If there were a nation of gods, they would be governed democratically; But such a perfect government is not suitable for men.

The most costly needs are those imposed by opinion.

General and abstract ideas are the source of the greatest human mistakes.

I have always believed that the good was nothing but the beautiful put into action.

I have never known the most hateful passions, my heart has never invaded envy, evil, or revenge ... sometimes anger, but I am not very skilled and I never hold a grudge.

Who does not hate vice much, does not love virtue much.

Among all animals, Men are the least able to live in flocks. If they were crowded like sheep they would perish in a short time. The breath of Man is fatal to his fellow men.

Consciousness is the voice of souls, passions are the voices of the body.

Freedom is not a fruit that grows in all climates, and therefore is not available to all peoples.

Cities are the abyss of the human species.

Free people, remember this maxim: We can acquire freedom, but it never recovers once it is lost.

Decrease desires; It is as if you increase your strength.

An honest man will never find a friend better than his wife.

The plants are straightened by the crop; to men, education.

One of the advantages of good deeds is that of elevating the soul and preparing it to make better ones.

Love letters are written starting without knowing what is going to be said, and ending without knowing what has been said.

Working constitutes an indispensable duty for the social man. Rich or poor, powerful or weak, every idle citizen is a thief.

To be an adult is to be alone.

Equality in wealth must be that no citizen is so opulent that he can buy from another, nor anyone so poor that he is required to sell himself.

Any law that the people do not ratify in person is void.

Unfortunate is he who does not know how to sacrifice a day of pleasure to the duties of mankind!

It is not easy to abandon virtue; she haunts those who abandon her for a long time.

I hate bad maxims more than bad actions.

Man is good by nature, it is society that corrupts him.

Youth is the time to study wisdom; old age, to practice it.

The strongest is never strong enough to always be the master, if he does not transform his strength into law and obedience into duty.

The person who can love me as I love is not yet born.

The kind of happiness I need is less to do what I want than not to do what I don't want.

Man was born free and yet lives everywhere, between chains.

Freedom is nutritious food, but difficult to digest. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare men long before giving it to them.

He who blushes is already guilty; True innocence feels no shame for anything.

The man who has lived the most is not the one who has fulfilled the most years, but the one who has experienced life the most.

There is a lot of difference between traveling to see countries and to see villages.

If reason makes man, feeling drives him.

Law is the expression of the general will.

The truth does not lead to fortune, nor does the town give embassies, chairs or pensions.

Man is not made to meditate but to act.

The goodness of heart and fairness of an honest man is worth a hundred times more than the friendship of a Bellaco.

We are only curious in proportion to our culture.

I conclude with you a contract in which all the duties are your responsibility and all the benefits are in my favor; contract, which I will respect while I feel like it and that you will observe while I feel like it.

A good father is worth a hundred teachers.

The honor of one Man is not in the hands of others; It is in ourselves and not in public opinion. It is not defended with the sword or with the shield, but with a complete and faultless life.

The two words slavery and law are contradictory and mutually exclusive.

You will never be friars if you are not altar boys first.

The most costly needs are those imposed by opinion.

All passions are good while one owns them, and all are bad when they enslave us.

There is a book always open for all eyes: nature.

The man suffers few evils, except those that he himself is attracted by the abuse of his powers.

I feel too superior to hate.

The Man who does not know pain knows neither the tenderness of humanity nor the sweetness of sympathy.

Injuries are the reasons of those who are to blame.

Laws are always useful for people who have assets and harmful to the dispossessed.

The right to vote is a right that nothing and nobody can take away from citizens.

The accent is the soul of speech.

Love letters are written starting without knowing what is going to be said, and ending without knowing what has been said.

When leaving certain mouths, the same truth has a bad smell.

In a bad government, this equality is only apparent and illusory. It serves only to keep the poor in misery, and the rich in usurpation. In fact, laws are always useful to those who own and harmful to those who have nothing.

Freedom is obedience to the law that you have drawn yourself.

Our controversies will seem as rare at future ages, as those of the past have seemed to us.

Gratitude is a duty that should be rewarded, but that no one should expect compensation.

My biggest misfortune has always been not being able to resist flattery.

I know no greater enemy of man than he who is a friend of the whole world

Faith is a matter of geography.

Youth is the time to study wisdom.

Nature has made man happy and good, but society depraves him and makes him miserable.

The soul resists acute pain much better than prolonged sadness.

Fears, suspicions, coldness, reserve, hatred, betrayal, often hide under that uniform and perfidious veil of courtesy.

The bad thing is not the man, it is the society, because it is made so that the man falls

It is not enough for a wife to be faithful, it is necessary that her husband, her friends and her neighbors believe in their faithfulness.

To renounce our freedom is to renounce our quality of men, and with this to all the duties of humanity.

Posterity will honor me ... because I deserved it.

Man has been born free and everywhere is subject with chains.

Wherever you see moderation without sadness, concord without slavery, abundance without profusion, say confidently; It is a successful being who commands here.

It is very difficult to think nobly when you think only to live.

Perfect democracy can only exist in a society of angels.

Vice was rarely hinted at opposing honesty; almost always take the disguise of this one

Not doing good is already a very big evil.