Steps to be highly motivated

Steps to be highly motivated

We currently know that the people who perform best at work, and manage to become great successful professionals, are the most motivated.

It seems simple then to think that the more motivation, the greater professional achievement. But how can we really achieve greater motivational ability?


  • 1 Steps to be highly motivated
    • 1.1 Explore our secret life
    • 1.2 Create a vision
    • 1.3 Focus on the present

Steps to be highly motivated

Explore our secret life

We all have three lives, one public (formed by coworkers, or close contacts with whom we spend a lot of time, but we maintain a superficial relationship with them, without getting too intimate). A private life (formed by close friends and family). Y a secret life (In it are our desires, goals, values. It is the essence of our being).

It is very important to clarify the values ​​of each person, because thanks to them we will be able to rise through many obstacles that we encounter in the other two lives (public and private).

We have to be able to discover what makes us sleepless.

Create a vision

Each person wants to achieve a goal in the direction of their values. That goal must be perfectly clear and defined.

This is where the emotional part of the human being comes into play, which is what makes us act. We must listen to our emotions, stay in touch with them to visualize our goal. Of course, imagining this vision of triumph does not guarantee that it will happen in reality. But it will give us strength for our daily work.

Life continually tests us, if we have this clear vision, it will be easier to overcome.

Focus on the present

Success comes from performing small and simple important actions performed every day. It is of no use that you strive one day a week, every day we have to work on what we consider really important. We have to remember that today is the basis of the future.

It is also important to be aware that sometimes excellence is not enough, we should not punish ourselves for not having achieved those goals that we set for ourselves. Great failures are hidden before success.

The important thing is to be persevering. If you know what your values ​​are, you have a clear vision, and you work every day to achieve it, you already have a level of motivation that is much higher than average. This motivation that can make you a successful professional.

Pilar Gómez Ruiz