The meeting

The meeting

A meeting includes an engineer, a teacher, a lawyer and a doctor. Their names are Víctor, Jorge, Carlos and Óscar and although we don't know who it is who tells us the following:

  1. Victor and the teacher do not maintain a good relationship with Carlos.
  2. Jorge is a very good friend of the doctor.
  3. Carlos does not relate well to the lawyer.
  4. The engineer is very close to Oscar and the doctor.

With all this data Can you know the name and profession of the meeting attendees?


From point (1) we deduce that Carlos is not the teacher. By point (3) we know that he is not a lawyer either and point (4) tells us that the engineer is friends with two of the other three men.

If we look again at point (1) we will see that Carlos is at odds with two of them; therefore Carlos cannot be an engineer. Forcibly, then, Carlos is the doctor.

If we return to point (1) we deduce that the teacher is not Victor or Carlos and according to point (2) it is not Jorge because he has a good relationship with the doctor that we already know is Carlos.

Therefore the teacher is Oscar. Of the two remaining men, if we go back to point (1) we know that Victor does not have good relations with Carlos and that is why (4) it can be said that Victor cannot be the engineer. So Jorge is an engineer and Victor is the lawyer. In short: Carlos is a doctor, Oscar is a teacher, Jorge is an engineer and Victor is the lawyer.