How to Solve Relationship Problems

How to Solve Relationship Problems

Today we will talk abouthow to solve couple problems, an evil that most long-term relationships have had to happen someday. However, it is important to clarify thatmarital crisis they will not always lead to arelationship break, but often quite the opposite: the difficulties that are overcome can even reinforce it.

Even so, it is important to know how to detect and address these problems as soon as possible when your solution is much simpler. In that sense I also recommend taking a look at the techniques in the treatments used in thecouple therapy, since that is where many marriages learn to focus their efforts to fight directly in the deepest roots of theirconflicts.

How to Detect Symptoms of Problems

In most occasions, couple problems don't come suddenly, but rather they gradually arrive with the appearance of various symptoms. However, there are not many relationships that manage to identify these symptoms in advance, since we usually only realize the problems when they are already quite serious.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to detectsymptom of couple problems. Here are some of the most common:

  • The woman generally refuses to have sex
  • There is not much communication in the couple
  • You don't usually do many activities together
  • The discussions are very frequent
  • Some of the two (or both) members of the couple are usually in a bad mood
  • Complaints about the other are continuous. The negative always prevails over the positive
  • You almost don't think about the couple

These are just a small sample of some common signs that indicate problems in relationships. It is very important to know how to detect them, since if they are not remedied soon, most could lead to irremediably lead to divorce or separation.

How to Solve the Problems of Common Couples

Below we will list theCommon couple problems and their possible solutions:

1. Infidelity

TheInfidelity undermines the relationship because it compromises its base:trust. It is a betrayal and a demonstration that the couple has been cheating and lying.

Solution: accept the responsibilities of life as a couple and know how to make decisions

Chronic infidelity is a common evil among some men and even some women. However, we must be aware that marriage is a new phase that requires a change in behavior, and therefore, it must be accepted that having a family requires dedication and facing new responsibilities. Many times these problems are derived from the lack of awareness rather than the difficulty in making such a change. If one of the members is unfaithful and we cannot find a solution, it may be time to make a radical decision ...

2. Communication Problems

It is common for two people to have different opinions on the same topic, however, one thing is the healthy debate and another is the discussion. To avoid these discussions many marriages avoid talking about certain issues without realizing that they are actually moving away by acting like this. If we don't have good communication, we don't talk, we don't share the problems, concerns or projects ..., in the end, what we will end up is losing that complicity that unites us and thinking that we no longer have anything in common.

Solution: rescue affinity

Although it has taken distance, all couples have things in common since otherwise they would never have fallen in love. One recommendation is to try to remember and do the activities in which the couple felt comfortable to increase that mutual affinity again.

3. Lack of Interest in the life of the other

For there to be complicity, it is necessary to show interest and participate in the life of the couple. If we are not interested in the life of the other, we will gradually distance ourselves.

Solution: cultivate mutual admiration

First of all we have to love ourselves. This is simply because we cannot give what we do not have. Once we appreciate ourselves, we have to look for those things of our partner that interest us and talk about them.

4. Frequent Discussions

In many couples it happens that a slight disagreement is enough to start a conflict and unleash a torrent of accumulated resentments. If a debate degenerates into an argument, this happens because no one is willing to yield a millimeter. You never hear and you start with a fight to see who gets to win and that your idea prevails over the other.

Solution: forgive the above problems

Generally, couples who consequently lose mutual respect have their cause in the accumulated pains of the past. These pains make good any argument to be used as a pretext to verbally assault the other party. In these cases,The best solution is to make a thorough analysis of the basic problems, those who are the real reason for all the fights. Once detected, we must try by all means to talk and express calmly how one feels and what could be done to improve. Only then will act on the root of all the evils in the couple.

And with this point we have finished our advice to know how to face the problem ofhow to solve couple problems. As a final note, I will say that the key is happiness, because a happy couple is almost immune to serious relationship problems.

Marta Jimenez